ABC News’ Life in the 21st Century is out now: How the world changed by the time you were born

A couple of decades ago, when I was 15, I was working at a local mall in Sydney, watching the Sydney Morning Herald.

I saw this headline that said, “The world changed, and everyone is happier.”

I remember thinking, this is great!

People are happier!

The world is different!

And that was a really good feeling.

But, a few years later, I began to notice the trends I’d seen on television.

I started to see that, in the early days, people were happy.

It was like a happy state of mind.

But as time went on, I realized, we’re living in a world that is changing.

And, as I looked at the world around me, I noticed that happiness was getting lower and lower.

As I looked back at my own life, it was getting more and more depressing.

As I was reading more and further into the story of how things were changing, I couldn’t help but notice the signs of an impending collapse.

I remember thinking that, if this is what life is going to look like, I can’t go on.

If I don’t get my kids a job or go on to have another child, or I don, I don�t want to live. I don��t want my life to get any worse.

But, I never really thought that would happen.

I didn�t realize how many other people were going through this.

I thought it was inevitable.

That, when the economy collapsed and the world went to shit, all of us were going to be living in the same place.

But then, it happened, and it was a lot more devastating.

People were moving to the cities, to the suburbs, to smaller cities.

In some ways, that meant we were moving from the centre of the country to the city of Melbourne.

We were moving away from the big cities.

And it was really sad.

The news stories we heard, like, people are moving to Melbourne because the city is going so well.

We had been living in small cities for years, and now we�re seeing it all crumble.

I thought, we�ll be in a better place, but we�ve lost our sense of place.

We moved away from our inner cities to bigger, more metropolitan areas, like Sydney and Melbourne.

The big cities were going.

But then, the big city did something really big: they became more expensive, and people were moving out.

So what was going on?

I had always been happy to move to the big, more expensive cities.

I liked them, and I loved the big stuff.

I loved seeing my friends and family there.

But I just didn�ts seem to be enjoying it.

So, I started getting really stressed about my money.

My family had been saving up for so long that I was in a really big hole. I couldn�t afford to buy a house, and the mortgage was coming due.

And, as my family went into debt, it got harder and harder to pay my bills.

I had to start living in my parents house.

My mother was working, and my dad was out of work.

And I had to pay for my own groceries.

So, I ended up having to move out.

I lost my job.

I lost my savings.

I had no money left.

I was a struggling student.

I just lost everything.

So I started reading about the big money and big cities that were going, and what I found was that, the people I�ve known over the years are doing much better than I.

I found that, when people start to live in big cities, their income is lower, and they have more savings.

They�re living in more comfortable homes.

They have more financial stability.

I found that was actually a big benefit.

I was living in an area that had a lot of very affluent people, and, as they got wealthier, the median household income went up.

People started to have kids.

People got a bit richer.

People could afford to have a nicer home.

It wasn�t as good in the suburbs.

The city didn�s economy didn�ll do as well. I think I�d be living there now if it wasn�ts raining.

So my question was, why is this happening?

Why is this changing so quickly?

So, a friend of mine had just moved out of the house she had been renting for over 10 years.

She had $10,000 in the bank and she had paid the mortgage, so she was a super happy person.

And then, I had a call from the bank, saying, �Hey, I�m going to start a new mortgage, but, we have a little bit of trouble paying the first mortgage.

We need to borrow a little more money.

Can you help us get this over the top?�And, she said


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