Aeon life: ‘Aeon life is like living in a dream’

Aeon Life is like “living in a nightmare,” says Michael Fenton.

The “dream-like” virtual reality (VR) experiences offered by Aeon have caused quite a stir, with some calling them “dream porn” and others suggesting they are a step in the right direction for humans.

“The fact that they are so far away from the reality of the real world, the fact that we are still in a state of virtual reality, and that we still have to adapt to that, and we still can’t live without it,” says Mr Fenton, who runs the UK-based Aeon-Life VR research group.

“So I think they are really exciting, and there are many more people that are going to have a good time using them,” he says.

Virtual reality is “a really exciting thing for the human race”, says Mr Farron, who has used it for research in his research.

“I’ve used it myself and it’s been really exciting.”

Aeon Life, which will be available to users across the world, promises to offer “an intimate, safe and fun experience for people who are looking for a new form of entertainment.”

It will be able to give users a sense of “being there, being part of a dream” where they can “be part of the experience”.

It will also “help to facilitate a social and intimate connection with other people”, while also “providing a way for people to share their own dreams and experiences.”

Mr Farron says that people “will be able be there, they’ll be part of it, and be part in it, in a very natural way”.

The “Aeon experience” will be “as close to a real-world experience as possible”, he says, but will “never be the same” as it is when it comes to “virtual reality”.

The new technology will be launched at a press conference in the UK on Friday and will be rolled out nationwide in March.

The Aeon Experience is the latest in a string of VR experiments to come to market since Mr Fennons recent announcement.

In May, Aeon announced the creation of a “Virtual reality experience” that would be available on mobile phones in the US and Canada.

Aeon has also launched a series of “virtual experiences” that are “like a dream, but with an actual sense of reality”.

One of these is called “The Dreamer”, which “takes you into a fantasy world that is real but is also full of possibilities”.

Another “experience” called “Dream of Tomorrow” allows users to “live the life of a ‘dreamer’ with virtual reality”.

“It’s all about finding out what it means to be ‘dreaming’,” Mr Fenny says.

“It may be an experience of a world where you can really see yourself in real life, and where you’re not just in a fantasy.”

The technology that Aeon is launching is a major milestone for virtual reality and will provide a new frontier for the industry.

However, it will be a long road to the mainstream, with a long way to go before people are able to “see” virtual realities as reality.

“We want to make sure that when people can experience this and have it as an experience, that they can be proud of it,” Mr Fenna says.

“We are really trying to do that here at Aeon.”

But he says that the technology will still be used in the real-life world.

“I think it’s going to be really exciting to see the first people to really experience what it’s like to actually be part that experience, and to be part there in that moment,” he said.

“If people do, then that will give us confidence that it will continue to be used as it was used in reality.”

What do you think about virtual reality?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Read moreAeon is planning to introduce “experiences that are really close to reality” with its next “virtual experience” which will “bring a whole new dimension of experience to the Aeon experience”, Mr Fahnons group says.

The company’s new VR experience will allow users to see a “full-size version” of themselves in a “dream world” with other users, Mr Fohns group says, adding that it’s “designed to provide a very intimate, social and fun environment for people”.

“When you’re with other real people, there is no ‘you’, you are only a part of this virtual world,” Mr Faron said.

“There is a huge difference between the two, and I think it’ll be interesting to see what that is.”

A few years ago, Mr Farrons group launched “Aerobon”, which offered “real-world” virtual experience that allowed users to walk “in space” in a simulated aircraft simulator.

The group’s latest VR experience is also part of its plan


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