Farmers in Derbyshire are getting a lift after the EU’s new farming regulations took effect.

In the coming weeks, the European Commission will launch a consultation on the new agricultural regulations for the EU.

The reforms are designed to promote farmers’ rights to manage their land and increase the competitiveness of the farming industry, but have already faced criticism from environmental groups.

The new regulations aim to help boost domestic farming by encouraging the use of natural, low-impact alternatives to fertilisers and pesticides.

They aim to also encourage more efficient use of water and other resources, and better regulation of water usage.

Read more: The EU is the world’s biggest farmer, but has been criticised for not being more effective at promoting sustainable agriculture and food production.

The proposed rules are due to go into effect on 1 March 2019.

The EU’s Food Safety Authority, responsible for ensuring the safety of food in Europe, says that a lot of people are still unsure about the new rules.

Its chief executive, Martin Boesing, told reporters that people need to understand that there is a big difference between the new regulations and the old regulations.

The government has also been working on a range of measures to help farmers and small farmers get through the next few weeks.

The new rules will require a minimum of three farmers to own an existing farm, and a maximum of seven farmers to grow their own crops.

The farmers can now grow their produce, and can buy fertiliser and pesticides from local suppliers.

Farmers who want to buy fertilisers from a supplier will have to apply for a licence from the regulator.

The regulator will also be able to demand a licence for farmers who have no land and have less than 500 hectares (2,500 acres).

The new regulation also requires farmers to use a minimum amount of pesticides.

It says that farmers can use up to 5% of their crop in pesticides.

However, the new regulation is expected to mean that the amount of pesticide needed for a crop grown in a field will be more expensive than the new EU rules which will mean farmers will have more incentive to grow the crop and use more pesticides.

In the coming months, the government is also likely to introduce a range on water management.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency, which is responsible for managing the EU water supply, told the BBC that farmers should be aware that the new European regulations will be a big deal for the industry.

The UK government has previously expressed its concern over the new restrictions, and has called on the European Union to clarify the rules before they go into force.

A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, which manages the UK’s water supply told the Guardian that it is working closely with the European Environment Agency to ensure that the rules are clear and transparent.

The spokesman said: ‘The Government is committed to ensuring that we provide a safe and effective water supply for the UK while ensuring that farmers are able to manage the land and farm their own land in a responsible way.’

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