How do you keep a happy smile when you have cancer?

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has issued an update on its website with a list of ways to help keep a smile on your face and to celebrate life in Canada.

The list includes a number of new ideas that have been developed since the CCS began its #SaveOurBeauty campaign.

The group has already released a number new and updated products for its members to use as part of their Cancer Awareness Month campaigns.

The update to the CCSA website includes a new #CancerSmile campaign.

One of the new products available to members is a “smile for all” calendar.

It offers a selection of new, fun and inspirational items to help them celebrate their Cancer awareness month and to help raise money for charities.

The CCS website offers a new tool for members to share their thoughts and feelings with each other via social media.

The tools includes a “share a smile” feature, as well as a #CANCANCANCANCE hashtag to share positive and inspiring images, photos and videos with your friends and family.

The ccs social media team has also launched a new video on the CCSS YouTube channel for members who would like to learn more about the organization’s efforts.

“Smiles are a great way to share our love for our loved ones with others, and with Cancer, we know that we can help them as well,” said CCS President Anne Mokrysz.

“This is a great opportunity for our members to experience this unique time in their lives, to share the smile they’ve chosen to make, and to make it even more special with the help of our Smile for All calendar.

Make sure to share a smile with your loved ones today.”

The new #Save OurBeauty calendar can be found on the ccs website or in the ccswift newsletter.

To receive the calendar as a gift, members can send an email to [email protected]

Members can also find the calendar on the web page.

“You’ll be glad you did,” said Lisa Jolliffe, President of the CCSWift.

“We hope that this will help us to reach new and even more people, and encourage them to join the CCSC Smile for Life campaign.”

The ccswifts website also includes the following video highlighting the CCSwift’s efforts: “Cancer is hard to face.

It’s not a glamorous disease, and it can be hard to keep your smile, but there are a few ways to show that we care about our loved one and that they are still alive.

Join us to celebrate cancer’s survival with this new calendar and other great messages.

Thank you to all the cancer survivors and family members who helped spread this message.”

“Smile for Life” is a new campaign launched by CCS to encourage members to take a smile from their own face and share it with others.

The #CANCE hashtag, which has become a popular hashtag among Canadian Cancer Societies members, is a reminder to share something positive and life-affirming in your life every day, with the #Save ourbeauty campaign.

“The CCSS will continue to work closely with the Canadian Cancer Foundation (CCF) to make sure that all of the information and tools that the CCIS is working with are accessible and useful to all of its members, said CCS President Ann Mokysz.

CCF also encourages people to visit their local CCIS or to contact their local branch.

To find out more about CCIS, visit or call 1-866-418-2111.

About the Canadian Society for Cancer Research (CSCR): The Canadian Society of Cancer Research is a leading non-profit research organization dedicated to understanding and treating cancer and other chronic diseases through the discovery, development, and application of effective cancer treatments.

The Society provides access to the latest scientific knowledge in the fields of biochemistry, biology, biophysics, medicine, physics, and toxicology, as the leading Canadian public-health research organization.

For more information, visit: For more news on cancer, visit the CSCR Newsroom on Twitter: @CancerNewsroom or follow us on Facebook at

For the latest news on CCIS and its cancer research partners, visit, ccs,cbc,samsungs,mobile,giftcard,news,family,personal-care-care,cancers


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