How to deal with the fake news in your life

It’s time to make a conscious effort to filter the information you see online and the news stories you read.

That’s one of the key lessons from the recent election that turned into a media nightmare for Americans and a major test of President Donald Trump’s administration.

The result has been a flood of misinformation and outright lies in the media that’s been passed off as news stories.

Here are 10 tips to make sure you’re not on the wrong side of a story that’s a hoax or an urban legend.


Be aware of the media’s power to shape public opinion.

Trump’s presidency has been marked by a growing distrust of the mainstream media.

In 2017, a Pew Research Center survey found that 59% of Americans felt that the media is “over-inclusive and biased against the American people.”

That number rose to 63% in 2018.

A majority of Americans say that their news and information is biased toward the political party they support, with 52% saying the media “has distorted the truth” about them.

And just last week, the Associated Press published an article that claimed the Trump administration had ordered “massive surveillance of U.S. citizens.”

That report was debunked by the U.K.’s Independent.

The president himself was critical of the AP article in his State of the Union address in January.

“Fake news is the enemy of the American People,” he said.

Trump has tried to use his media platform to attack the press and discredit its reporting, often using falsehoods as part of his effort to get elected.

In April, he claimed that CNN was not covering the Trump White House, despite numerous news outlets’ reporting of a Trump White, and CNN is a “failing pile of garbage.”

A few days later, he tweeted that the New York Times and Washington Post were “the enemy of America.”

The media has largely ignored the president’s attacks, but he still finds a way to undermine its integrity with falsehoods.

In a series of tweets in the spring of 2018, Trump said that CNN, “which is owned by the people, and I love CNN, is the worst of the CNN fake news!”

He also said, “CNN lies and slanders the president, and even worse, their ratings are tanking!”

In August, he retweeted a false claim that President Barack Obama had ordered a “massive” surveillance operation against Trump’s 2016 campaign.

And in January, he suggested that he had personally ordered the arrest of a former Obama White House staffer who was alleged to have been in contact with Russia during the campaign.

Trump continued to use the media to attack CNN, even after it was revealed that the outlet had a reporter at the White House who was fired.

“I think CNN is doing really badly.

They have a reporter that’s not there, and you know, they’re losing money,” Trump said at a rally in May.

He also retweeted an anti-CNN ad that claimed that Obama “saved the world” by sending a drone strike to kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011.

The ad was later debunked by PolitiFact.

And he has repeatedly called CNN “fake news,” saying it’s “very fake news” and “not news.”


Know the difference between real news and the fake ones.

Fake news is a misnomer.

The term “fake” is sometimes used to describe news stories that are completely fabricated.

But fake news has been used in other contexts to describe stories that don’t meet the standards of news organizations.

The phrase is often used to refer to news stories designed to spread false information.

That can include stories that claim that a politician has committed a crime or that a political figure has committed suicide.

Fake stories can also include stories about celebrities, celebrities who have died, or other topics.

In general, fake news is not intended to be factual.

It’s a way of distorting reality and presenting a distorted view of the world, which is why it’s important to be aware of its definitions and its impact.


Be wary of fake news stories and other misinformation.

Many fake news reports are designed to discredit legitimate news outlets.

Some fake stories are just the product of an individual trying to manipulate social media and gain attention, but many are the product in some way of a large political organization, a media outlet, or a social media company.

If you see a fake news story, it’s probably a fake.

So take the time to do a bit of research to determine if it’s accurate and what the source of the information is.

Many of the stories on social media have a link to an article in the New Yorker, The Washington Post, or the Associated Post.

But be wary of stories that say, “This is the official Trump WhiteHouse,” or “This person is a paid agent of the Russians.”

Some stories are also created to spread misinformation about specific topics or politicians.

That kind of misinformation is not news and should be taken seriously, but it should not be confused with the fact that


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