I am a geek and I have a girlfriend

Hacker News headline I am the geek that has a girlfriend story Hacker News article I am one of those rare people who gets to live a happy life with a girl.

I am happy and fulfilled and never regret any of it.

My girlfriend is an artist and my hobby is music, so we both have music and she has a hobby too, so she plays piano and we play guitar together.

It’s great.

I get to enjoy it all, because we have this great relationship and she doesn’t have any problems.

And she is a really talented musician, so I can do whatever I want to her.

So it is a very interesting situation and I love it.

 Hacker News article A couple of years ago, I had the time of my life.

I was in my twenties, living with my mom in a small town in the US.

And I was so excited.

I went for a few days, then I went to my family and I was there for a couple of days.

And then I got home and there was a letter from my girlfriend and I went back and looked at the letter.

She said, ‘I’m just going to call you.’

I didn’t get a reply.

So I was kind of surprised.

And it was only then that I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is my girlfriend.’

It was so amazing.

And when I found out that I had been contacted, it was a relief.

So this girl was in the middle of my twenties and she was like my girlfriend, I guess.

And so it was such a relief, because it meant I could finally go home and go out with her and just have fun.

And now we have a little boy and that was a great moment.

So we are really happy, and I feel so fortunate.


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