Luxury life: Life without a conscience

The former Soviet Union’s state television has announced it will no longer broadcast the news in the country’s most populous city.

The decision follows the arrest of former deputy prime minister and ex-leader Dmitry Medvedev and his associates, which came as the Kremlin faces allegations of election meddling and a widening purge of officials and party leaders.

The announcement came as Medvedeva was in court on charges of corruption.

She denies any wrongdoing and has pleaded not guilty.

She was charged with money laundering and other crimes in a separate case, but the charges have not yet been formally proven.

She has denied wrongdoing and the case is now in the hands of a lower court.

The news came as President Vladimir Putin, who is seeking re-election in the May election, and the Russian state television have made public their first major moves in their push to control the nation’s television.

The Kremlin has announced plans to roll out the state-owned Channel One channel, which is seen as critical to its political and media control, and to replace the public broadcaster with a private media company, Rossiya Segodnya.

It is not clear how the two initiatives will affect Russia’s media market, which accounts for nearly 80 percent of the countrys $7.5 trillion economy.

“We’re very worried about the impact that these new measures will have on our daily life,” said Vadim Fyodorov, head of the Rossiya-1 channel.

“The public broadcasting system will lose its vitality.

That’s why we’re going to create a private channel.”

Fyodorova said the new private channel will be owned by Russian media giant RT, which he said will “be a very strong competitor” to the state media.

The Russian government has been using public broadcasting to promote its domestic policies and its image abroad.

It has been running a series of “media fairs” around the country, where the public is invited to view the work of state-run media outlets.

Russian media have often criticised Western governments for their failure to protect freedom of expression in Russia.

A recent poll by the Moscow-based Levada Centre showed that a third of Russians believe Russia has been unfairly targeted by Western media.

In January, the Russian government suspended the broadcasting of the English-language Channel One, a state-funded channel.

It was the latest step in a long string of government decisions to curb freedom of the press.


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