New Zealanders ‘more than happy’ to return to life in the US

New Zealand has said it is “more than pleased” to return home to the US.

Key points:Auckland’s Mayor Helen Clark said it was “a really great day” for New Zealand”It is a big day for us all to come home”New Zealand is home to over 50,000 people and the majority of those are New Zealand citizens.

“It’s a huge number of people who are coming back to New Zealand to work, to stay and to visit, to learn and to live,” Auckland Mayor Helen Clarke said.

“This is a really great, big day.”

They’ve been here for a long time, they’ve been able to work and we’ve been given the opportunity to work.

“Ms Clark said she was confident Kiwis would welcome the opportunities.”

New York is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world.

It’s a very big, booming market.

“We want to see New Zealand succeed.”

In a statement, Ms Clark said New Zealand was an open, tolerant and diverse country with a rich history.

“I’m very proud that so many people from all around the world are here in Auckland to celebrate the day that we’re home.”

The decision was welcomed by a number of Kiwis, who said they were happy to return.

“As a Kiwi, I’m very happy that I’m here in New Zealand, but it’s also great to be able to go home and start again,” said one man, who did not wish to be named.

“If we want to continue to prosper as a nation and the economy, we’ve got to continue that growth.”

Mr Clark said the decision would also give the Government the flexibility to look at changes to the way New Zealand operates as it works towards a new post-2020 national strategy.

“In order to make the best decisions for New England, we’re going to have to look really carefully at our relationships and our engagement with New Zealand,” she said.

Ms Clark was due to give a speech at Auckland’s Christchurch Convention Centre on Friday.

She was in New York on Wednesday for the first time since leaving office in 2019, and will be back for another two weeks.

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