The Truth About Crux’s New Book, The Truth Is Here!

Crux Books is proud to announce its first new book in six years.

The Truth is Here!

is a stunning, beautifully written book that documents the most important truth of our time: that we are living in a time of enormous change, and that we must act decisively to avert it.

It is an epic, beautifully edited history of the most extraordinary crisis of our times, and it is a book you will not want to miss.

Crux, which is now part of Penguin Random House, is thrilled to be working with such an incredible team of authors and editors, including Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Bear and award-winning screenwriter-director Peter Berg.

In this extraordinary and timely book, Berg and Bear provide a fascinating, riveting glimpse of how the future will unfold, from the rise of the Trump administration to the looming threat of climate change.

We are thrilled to work with this talented team of writers and editors and look forward to sharing this extraordinary, important work with readers soon.

We’re also honored to be collaborating with the amazing team at Penguin Random and The New York Times, who have generously given us a major piece of our publishing deal, and to the brilliant team at Vice Media, who are helping to bring this book to the big screen in theaters in 2019.

We can’t wait to share The Truth with our readers, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

You can find more information about this extraordinary book on the book’s website.

As we celebrate the release of this book, we also invite you to share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

We want you to hear from you about this powerful book.

If you have questions about the book, please email Crux Bookstore at [email protected], or visit Crux at


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