The world’s oldest robot, the ‘Tiger’ from Australia, dies

A Victorian man is to be remembered for saving a robot in distress, and a robotic arm from a car crash.

David Thomas is one of Australia’s longest-serving robots.

In 2011, he and his wife found a robot stuck in the mud at the bottom of a pond in a Sydney suburb.

He grabbed the robot by the arms and dragged it out to safety.

The robot was so badly decomposed that it could not be brought back to the family home.

Mr Thomas, now aged 76, spent more than 20 years working for Australian robotic company Armament Research as an engineer and an engineer in the robot lab.

“It was a little difficult to do it properly, and he was very good at it,” his grandson, Ian Thomas, told ABC News in 2011.

“He had a lot of patience and a lot more skill than he did a lot in terms of mechanical dexterity.”

He said he would like to see his grandfather continue to work in the field.

“I would like him to do a bit more in the robotics field,” he said.

“That’s what I think would be most important to him, to have some kind of legacy.”

Mr Thomas’s son and grandson attended a service for the robot at his funeral.

“David is a very, very proud man,” his granddaughter said.



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