Watch ‘Survivor’ host Jeff Probst interview with host Tom Papa


— Jeff Probst spoke with ABC’s Tom Papa on “Survivors” season six finale, saying he hopes the finale can be viewed as a celebration of “being a good dad” and that it is important to continue to “keep your family together.”

Probst said he was very proud of the show for being a family show, but also said the show has its limits and that “there are a lot of rules and things that you have to play by.”

“It was really nice that Tom was able to do this interview,” Probst added.

“He was very good and I really appreciated him.

I really wanted to be able to be on that show and see how the fans reacted to that interview.”

Probsponds to the Survivor: Game Changers cast members in this week’s episode.

Probst told Papa that while the final two castaways, Tom and Adam, were playing with each other, “I thought it was really neat that it was their time to play together.”

The CBS/Showtime series, which returns for a seventh season in September, wrapped up its first season with a four-episode season premiere on Wednesday.

The finale aired live from the Sony Studios Hollywood Studios and the studio’s Hollywood Bowl, and viewers could see the final four castaways and their families interact during the hour-long episode.


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