What are the top six new churches in the UK?

If you’re a Christian, you may have noticed that the word ‘Christian’ has been dropped from the title of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. 

But don’t worry, the British Broadcasting Corporation has made some interesting additions to the list of British churches that have a place on the show. 

“The Celebrity Big Betters have announced that they have now added five new churches to their Top 50 list of churches,” says the BBC’s website. 

The list of “celebrity big Betters” is not exactly a list of all the churches that are part of the show, but rather, a list where the stars have a choice of which church they want to attend. 

So if you’ve been looking for a church in your area, or a church that might fit into the new Top 50, we’ve compiled a list that will give you a bit of inspiration and inspiration to choose the right church for you. 


Lutheran church in Bristol – The Lutherans are a small Christian denomination in the north-east of England, but the fact that they are featured in the Celebrity Big Sister is pretty special. 

A number of their members have chosen to leave their home countries to live and work in the United Kingdom, and now they are getting the opportunity to do so in the same town. 

With the support of the local church, they have begun the process of opening their church in the town, and the church is now planning to open for business on October 18. 

There are plans to also open the church to the public as soon as the building is finished, so stay tuned for more details. 


Duke of Sussex church – This church in Sussex, which is part of Durham City, is currently the only congregation of its kind in the country. 

Although they are not officially part of a denomination, Duke of Sussex is a member of the Christian church and will hold its services in their church hall. 

As well as holding their service in their hall, they are also planning to have an “open house” in their town centre on October 16. 


Munster Cathedral – “We’re excited to have a new home in Munster, which has a rich history in the history of the Scottish Church,” said a spokesperson for the local parish. 

Their website has also revealed that their congregation are looking to open their church “soon” as well, so keep your eyes peeled. 


St James Anglican Church – St George’s Anglican, which runs the St James Anglicans, is the oldest Anglican church still in operation in the state of Scotland. 

This is thanks to its founder, Thomas Moore, who was born in London in 1798 and died in 1825. 

It is the second oldest Anglicive church in Scotland after St Andrew’s Anglicans. 

According to the church, their mission is to “provide spiritual nourishment for the needy, to serve the sick and the destitute, and to safeguard the purity of Christian faith, morals and worship.” 

The church has also said that it will have its own ‘bundles’ for people to purchase tickets to the ‘Bible Tour’ of Munster. 


Bishop of Exeter – A new addition to the Top 50 is Bishop of Exete, who are a group of Christians who are “working to restore the faith of the people in Exeter”. 

The Bishop’s website states that they “are working towards restoring the integrity of the church by offering spiritual and cultural services to the community”. 


Church of St Mary Magdalene – According, to the BBC, this is the “largest Anglican congregation in the world” and it is one of the few in the North East of England. 

When they first opened in 1851, the congregation had only about 25 members. 

However, they grew to over 2,000 in the last decade and are now the largest Anglican parish in the region. 


Catholic church in London – Catholic churches are very popular in the capital of the UK. 

They can be found in a variety of places, from pubs and restaurants to shopping malls and even churches. 

What makes them so popular is that they allow people to worship in peace, and are also very popular amongst people of all ages. 


Hugh Bannister Church – Bannister is the leader of the Hoover Estate in Birmingham, and it has been said that “Hugh” is the man behind the “Hoovers” and “church” of his own church. 

He has a particular interest in “the faith and history of Birmingham”. 


Tower Bridge Church –  Tower Bridges Church is one in the Church of St George in the West Midlands, and was founded


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