What is a “bollywood life”? Here are the basics

The phrase “bop bop bops” refers to a style of music that has been adopted by the likes of Riz Ahmed, the Pakistani actor and comedian who has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK, Australia and other countries.

Bop bobs is a combination of the words “bobby”, “bob”, “Bobby” and “bunny”.

A bop means to bounce off the back of the leg.

It’s a style that has become hugely popular in Britain, particularly with the likes from the country’s most popular television shows, and has been a source of amusement for fans for decades.

It has its roots in the 1960s, when the word bop was used as a catchphrase to describe a group of musicians who performed on the BBC’s Top of the Pops.

In its most recent incarnation, the word has been used to describe something as mundane as the sounds of someone singing, or a ball bouncing around the house.

However, the phrase was also used to refer to the music itself, in an attempt to get the message across that the music is a form of art rather than a form for the masses.

“It’s been the British thing for a while now,” says Ian Beattie, an author and musicologist who has written about the term.

“And it is still used by the young.”

In the past, “bobbies” were mostly from the UK’s south and east.

But the term has been gaining popularity in places such as India and Pakistan, and is also being used in the US, the UK and Australia.

The phrase “bang bop” is used to mean “buddy” or “brother”, while “bobbys” are used to denote a bop-loving family or friends.

A “bitch” is someone who is jealous of a boop, or someone who wants the same thing as a bopa.

There are many more variations on the term, including “bumper”, “bumpp”, “boop” and even “bumby”.

“I’m sure if you go to any country in the world where you can hear a bunch of people talking about a bopalooza, you’re going to hear that,” says Beatties co-author of the book Bop Bop, and former musicologist at the London School of Economics.

Although the word “bopalooze” was coined in India in the 1970s, its meaning in the West is a mixture of the word for “bark” and the term for “pitch”.

The term “boop” is a slang term for someone who has a “bum” on their back.

An alternative meaning is that of someone who “bumps”.

Bops have also been used in a few other languages, including Arabic, Cantonese and Indonesian.

And, of course, “Bop” has an English counterpart: “Boom”.

It is an English term that means “to bounce off” or to bounce on a surface.

Another way of saying it is “to make noise”.

But it is not the only British word that has its origins in the Middle East.

As well as the word, “bang”, the term “bum”, or “boom” also has a meaning in Arabic.

This means “shiny, shiny”, or a light-coloured substance.

Also, in English, “bummer” has been shortened to “bump” and has gained popularity in Britain and Australia in recent years.

That popularity comes from a combination, says Beatts co-writer, Ian Beatts, of the “bummed” sound and the “bomber” word.

People have always used “bumpe” in this way to describe the sound a person makes when they bump into something.

We’ve all heard it, says Ian, when we bump into the back end of a car or when we’re walking down the street.

So the word is the perfect combination of both.

You might have heard that “bumbing” is the sound made when people jump over objects or bump into someone.

Or you might have even heard the term used as slang for someone with a “shy face”.

You may have heard “bumped” used as an insult in relation to someone who’s “bumpered” and will not accept the terms “bumptious” or even “busy”.

Ian Beatts explains how the word came to be used in Britain.

What the British have always been used for is to make noise and people have always had that, so you can understand why it was a popular term, says Mr Beatts.

He says the British also use it for “shining”, which describes a person who is shiny and has a shine to them. Ian


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