What to expect from the European Union’s first ever gay pride march

The first ever European pride march is due to take place at Dublin’s city centre on Saturday and will see over 1,000 participants.

The parade will begin at 7.00am with an audience of over 400.

The event is being co-hosted by the Irish LGBT Network, Equality Ireland and the Irish Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

Organisers of the event say it is a unique event which aims to highlight the need for an end to the persecution of LGBTI people in Europe.

The first European pride parade was held in 2013, when a gay couple were shot dead in Paris.

The march has been described as the largest parade in the world, with around 1.5 million participants taking part, according to organisers.

“It is a massive and unique event.

It is a celebration of a country, and its history, and an expression of the freedom to be gay in Ireland, said Mr Ryan.”

In Ireland, we are the only country in the EU to have gay pride marches, so the event is something that has been really important for us and something that we have wanted to do for a long time.

“Mr Ryan added that the event has been supported by several other countries, and it has been an important part of the parade route.

He said the march is a very important part in the wider LGBTI community, and that he is extremely proud of the gay pride participants.

Mr Ryan said the event was a great success, with about 600 people taking part.”

This is a big event, so there is a lot of excitement around it.

It was a good success,” he said.

The organisers say the march will also include a parade through the centre of Dublin, and a march through the city centre, followed by a parade on to a central stage.

The marchers will take part in a variety of activities including the Pride Parade, the Irish Language, an English language awareness programme and the Gay & Lesbian Parade.

The Irish Gay & Lesbians & Gays (IGLG) and Equality Ireland are both organising the event.

Mr Gillett said the organisers had been very successful in raising funds for the event, with over €20,000 raised.”

We’ve had some wonderful support from a variety a of different organisations,” he told RTE.”

The biggest financial contribution came from the Irish Government and the EU, who have all supported the event.

“Mr Gildernew said the events success had been “absolutely fantastic”, and that it had helped bring awareness to the plight of LGBTIQ people in Ireland.”

There is a real hunger for an answer in this country, not just from gay people, but all the people in this community,” he added.

Mr Murtagh said the Irish gay community had been overwhelmed by the positive response from the event and had responded with positive messages of support.”

For the first time, we’ve had a real conversation with the community, as well as a lot more of the community talking about it,” he explained.

The Equality Ireland spokesman added that it was “exciting” to see the Irish community so involved in the event – “not only the people themselves, but also those around them”.”

The community is really involved in this event,” he commented.”

And there are people from all walks of life, from young people to old people, who are going to be in the march with their families.”RTE will carry out a live blog of the events march.


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