What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about your new life partner?

I have learned a lot about my life partner since we met.

I think it’s just the most natural thing that happens.

It’s really natural for someone to fall in love with you.

But, it’s also a little scary, you know?

Like, there’s no words to describe it.

When we first started dating, we started to really feel like we were connected.

I feel like I’ve been blessed with a great partner.

We have such a wonderful life together.

We love each other and we’re really good friends.

My wife, however, has been on the other side of the world and it’s been a very, very difficult time.

My life partner is so much different than me.

He’s a really, really special person.

I have so much respect for him.

So, we don’t get on that plane anymore.

It was so difficult to get on a plane together and it really hurt.

The last time we spoke, we said goodbye.

We didn’t get the chance to kiss each other.

But I know we both want to be together again someday.

I know he’s always there for me.

I mean, he’s a good man, he cares for me, he loves me.

So when I think about my wife and I see her and she’s with her daughter, I think, “Oh my gosh, she’s my wife.”

We are really close, but it’s tough for me to get over her.

But we’re doing our best together.

You have to get past the pain.

I love her.

She’s my life, my family.

But she’s the one who is in the middle of all this.

That’s really what you have to do.

So there are a lot of people that have been through the same thing and are still doing it.

They know what it’s like to have someone that loves you.

It doesn’t matter what your age, you have your kids, your job, whatever.

I really believe that you have the power to change the world.

You can really change the whole world if you just get it.

So you have a choice.

You just have to make a decision.

And, you can choose to stay together.

Or you can decide to be with someone else.


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