When is a flu shot right for you?

There’s no question that flu shots are a lifesaver for people who have the flu.

People can get better quality of life, and they can avoid the potential for side effects.

But, for some people, the flu shot may be too risky for their health.

Here are five ways to know when you should get a flu vaccine.

If you’ve been vaccinated against the flu before, you should receive the flu vaccine before getting another shot.

For older people, older adults, and those with certain health conditions, flu shots may be more likely to be effective than in younger adults.

People who are older than 65 should get their flu shots at least two weeks before they are 65, and people 65 and older should get them at least six weeks before the start of the flu season.

People older than 18 who are also vaccinated against flu should get two shots of the vaccine by age 70.

People with chronic illnesses, such as asthma, are particularly at risk of getting flu shots, and the vaccine may be especially effective for these people.

The vaccine should be given within two weeks of starting your flu shot.

If you have symptoms that persist or worsen after the two-week mark, your flu shots should be stopped.

Your doctor may decide that your flu vaccine is more effective if you are vaccinated in early spring.

People who are younger than 6 should get the flu jab three weeks before your flu season begins.

Your flu shot is effective against the virus in three doses.

If your doctor has said that your dose is too low, you can try another dose at the same time.

The second dose should be taken three to six weeks after your first dose.

The second shot should be administered after you’ve had your flu jab and before you start your flu diet or exercise program.

If your flu dose is less than two weeks old, the vaccine is effective, but it may be difficult for you to get the second dose.

The vaccine may still be effective for older people with chronic conditions, such a asthma attack.

If the first shot doesn’t work, your doctor may suggest another flu shot, such in late spring or early summer.

Some people with allergies to the flu vaccines are at higher risk for the flu, such people with certain conditions.

These people may have higher risks for side-effects from the flu shots.

You should get your flu vaccines in advance.

If a flu vaccination doesn’t protect you from the virus, you may need to take a different flu vaccine if you: are allergic to any of the four flu vaccines (the flu shot contains the flu virus, but not the flu bug)


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