When Is Your Life Worth Saving?

Delano, Hawaii, resident Kelly Koehler decided to retire from her job as a dishwasher because she had to focus on her health.

The 58-year-old woman had struggled with diabetes and high blood pressure and her husband had taken the family on a road trip.

In the end, Koeher’s health was so good that she could work out in the morning and work out again in the evening.

So she decided to do just that and decided to live her last year with dignity and hope.

But, in the meantime, Kuehler’s husband was going to move out of the home where he and her kids lived with her and she was going on a five-day cross-country road trip with her husband.

So Koehers health was not going to be the only thing that was going through her mind when she decided not to go to work.

Her health, and her children’s health, was going not to be her concern.

When her husband decided to move, she knew she was losing the support of her family.

It was just not worth it.

Koeler, a mother of two, was in a better place financially than when she was at work.

She was able to save some money for a down payment on her home, buy groceries and other things to help with the costs of the trip.

But she had already saved up enough money for the trip in the past.

She had just enough money to buy a $20,000 car.

But when her husband, Scott, was away on the road, Koes health was deteriorating and she had started to feel worse.

She began to see that the only way she could save her husband was to live on her own.

“I knew it was not something I could handle and I didn’t want to go through that,” Koele said.

“But I knew I needed help, and I needed to save Scott.”

Koelee decided to go on the trip to Hawaii with her family and had her doctor check her blood pressure.

She also had her heart rate monitored.

The doctor said Koelees blood pressure was high and she needed to get checked out by a cardiologist.

She started getting a few blood tests every day, and the blood pressure went down.

But her blood sugar went up too, and she started feeling worse and worse.

“My husband was in the process of getting back into Hawaii, and he was worried about my health,” Kuele said of her husband Scott.

Kueler said that Scott was worried that she might have a heart attack, so he called Koeley’s doctor, who checked her out.

Koes doctor told her that she needed a CT scan of her heart to find out if she had the problem, but that the doctor was concerned that Koe was having a heart problem.

Kues doctor told Koeleys doctor that Kueleys health had not improved over the past few weeks.

“So the doctor went in and checked me out,” Koes said.

KOELE: I’m just not feeling well and I’m not feeling the way I used to.

She said that she had had a lot of heart issues before, but they were never as bad as the ones she was having now.

KECKER: The doctor did tell me to take a few extra heart medications to make sure I was not over-exerting myself, but I didn.

KUELE: They were just a couple of pills a day.

KAYLE: So my husband didn’t take any of the pills because he thought they were going to make me die.

But he was really worried about me and he called my doctor, and they said they could tell that something was wrong with my heart.

The doctors said that my heart was just doing something it was supposed to be doing.

KELLER: Koelly’s doctor said that there was no way she was over-exploring her body’s ability to repair itself.

She needed to go back to work, and Koe’s doctor told them that the next step was to have her heart monitored for a CT and an ultrasound.

The next day, Kiley’s doctor went to her home and got her permission to have the CT done.

KYELE: And I said, okay.

I’m going to take the blood test.

And I was told, I’m sorry.


KEELE: He said, I don’t want any of that, and that I need to come back tomorrow morning.

KYLE: It was the day before I came back and my heart rate was up to 110, so I told my doctor that it was probably OK and that if she did it, I wouldn’t have any problems.

KKELE: The next morning, Kike’s doctor called the office of her cardiologist, who did the scan.


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