When Life Goes On: The Future of Life as We Know It

Life as we know it.

What is the future of life as we knew it?

How is it different from the past?

What will it be like to be alive?

What kind of things are we going to be doing?

And what will it mean for us and our species?

In the next section, the National Geographic team takes you inside the mind of an evolutionary biologist and a life-long advocate for life.

Avakin, who teaches evolution at Stanford University, answers these questions.

Avakin’s new book, Evolution: A Natural History of Life (with co-author Peter H. Hapgood), is a stunningly original collection of stories about life’s origins and the remarkable discoveries we have made about it.

Life has never been the same, he says.

We know it has a story and we want to share that story.

Life has always been fascinating, he tells us.

It was a very good life.

Life was very happy.

I mean, it was very easy.

I could do anything.

But the truth is that we can’t make anything that we couldn’t do before, so life is a very interesting thing.

Avakins story begins at the beginning.

He says his grandfather, a biologist, had a son named John.

The family moved to Chicago in the early 1930s.

His father, who was an agriculturalist, was working on his farm when he noticed the new crop of tomatoes growing in the yard.

John was the youngest of three boys, and his father wanted to do something to keep them out of the weeds.

John and his siblings lived in a small house on the farm, but his father had his eyes on a bigger project.

He bought a house in the suburb of Evanston, Illinois, and started a small business with his wife, Helen, and their son.

In the late 1930s, he also opened an animal-breeding farm in Chicago.

Avakis father, a lawyer, decided to buy the company, which was called Avakin Farm.

They bought the land in the small suburb of Elmhurst, Illinois and built a new house on it.

That house was built to the specifications of Avakakis father.

He had a huge garden and a pond on it, so that he could breed a large number of animals, including chickens and pigs.

But Avakis was not interested in breeding animals for meat.

He wanted to breed animals for vitamins and minerals.

He was interested in making a living out of farming.

His wife Helen became pregnant with their first child, but John died shortly after birth.

He didn’t have a way to raise the baby.

He died when he was two.

Helen, the only child, stayed with her father.

She stayed with the farm and continued to work on her husband’s farm.

But her work was very busy.

She would often work two or three jobs to support her husband.

She was a nurse and also a teacher, but she never really had a chance to get into biology.

She never knew how to raise children.

She did her job as a nurse, but the jobs were very tough.

She became very poor and ended up in jail.

Avkas story began to take shape at the age of 23, when she married a young man named William.

The couple moved to Indiana, but Helen stayed in the Midwest.

She didn’t get a lot of help in the area.

She worked as a secretary and then got a job as an aide to a politician, Frank O’Brien, a Republican from Indiana.

He ran for Congress in 1934.

At the time, the Democratic Party was in decline, and Avakkins husband was a congressman.

Avaks family had grown to include three grown children.

AvAKIS children were all raised by their mother.

Her mother died when Avakin was only 14 years old.

Her husband, however, stayed on to work in the field and support his family.

He did his best to help the family.

But when Avakaks father died, he had a heart attack and Avakin couldn’t handle the grief.

She lost her husband and everything she knew.

She also lost her home.

Avaki’s life began to spiral downhill.

She started taking drugs and alcohol.

She eventually ended up committing suicide.

She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Avikins daughter, Helenia, was a student at Purdue University when she committed suicide at the same time as Avakis.

She died in 2010.

Aviakakis daughter died at the tender age of 28.

Avas children lived in fear and loneliness.

Their lives were full of anxiety and worry.

Avastas children were not allowed to have close friends.

When Avakaki died, Avasin, who still lived at home, decided that it was time to get out of her life and move to Indiana.

But when Avaki died and Helenia died, her father began to


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