When the rain comes, Austin braces for flooding

Austin, Texas — When the rain arrives, Austin can’t help but brace for flooding.

But the Austin Police Department is preparing for that day with new technology and training.

They’re using social media to keep track of flood damage, and using the technology to share the information with residents who might need help.

Austin’s Mayor Ivy Taylor says the city has seen a lot of flood relief since the city was hit hard by the Super Bowl in 2016.

“I think we’ve seen more people get the support that they need in the last few weeks,” she said.

The city has also added a new app that allows residents to share information about their neighborhoods, with the app being updated weekly.

Taylor said the new flood information is meant to help people prepare and help residents find solutions for their property damage.

People can also find out how much money they can receive from FEMA, as well as the amount of water in their homes.

A large portion of the city’s water needs are already met by water pumps.

As a result, residents are also able to request emergency supplies like food, water, and shelter.

However, Taylor said the city is hoping for the biggest help, and has been inundating its water infrastructure with new pumps to ensure it can keep pumping water.

With the flood, Taylor’s office was able to install more than 20,000 pump stations, and the city plans to install another 3,000 more as needed.

One of the main things Taylor wants residents to understand is the city doesn’t have to pay for the pumps.

It has to come out of the budget.

It’s not a matter of, ‘I’ll give you a check.

You’ll have to give me a check,’ Taylor said.

“It’s a matter that we can’t continue to rely on the water to be a service for our residents.”

It is a very difficult time for Austin and we all need to be able to get through it.


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