Which country will be the best to live in?

The best place to live is the country where you’re born and raised, according to a new survey.

In a survey of 5,000 adults from across the globe, the Global Prosperity Index ranked countries based on the number of people living there, quality of life and health.

The survey found that the United States and Canada are the top two countries to live, with the U.S. ranking fourth and Canada coming in at fifth.

Australia came in as the fourth best place, while the U,S.

and China rounded out the top 10, according the study.

In terms of the country’s social welfare, the survey found India to be the most equal country, with an average life expectancy of 81.5 years, and the United Kingdom to be one of the lowest at 72.9 years.

Despite the fact that many countries are ranked as low on the Prosperity index, the study also found that people in many countries, including China and Russia, are better off than those in the U to live.

For example, the U is the fourth lowest ranked country in terms of life expectancy at 79.3 years.

The study also examined the economic impact of living in a country, noting that the U has the largest GDP per capita, with a per capita GDP of $17,634, compared to $14,742 in Canada, $14


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