Which Nintendo games have the most popular memes?

A new poll from Kotaku reveals that some Nintendo games are the most-popular among the gaming community.

The poll revealed that the most widely-recognized and commonly-used memes are Super Mario 64, Link, and Super Mario Bros. 64.

Kotaku has more on the poll, which can be seen below:The top-ranked games were all made by Nintendo.

They are the only games that were both made by the company and Nintendo itself.

Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, and Donkey Kong Country are the games that have more than 30 million downloads each.

Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf have more.

Here’s a breakdown of the top-ranking games:Mario 64: 20 million downloadsSuper Mario 64: 11.7 millionSuper Mario Bros.: 10.5 millionMario Kart: 7.8 millionMario Tennis: 7 millionSuper Smash Bros.: 6.7 and Animal Cubes: 6.3 millionMario Sports Superstars: 6 millionNintendo Land: 4.9 millionMario Golf: World Tour: 4 millionNintendo 64 Classic Edition: 3.4 millionNintendo GameCube: 3 millionNintendo DSi/3DS: 3mSuper Smash Brothers Melee: 2.6 millionAnimal Crossing: 3millionNintendo Game Boy Color: 1.6mNintendo Gameboy Advance: 1mNintendo DS: 1millionMario Golf Advance: 0.8mAnimal Crossing DS: 0mMario Kart DS: -0.6millionMario Kart 64: -2.1millionMario Sports Golf: 2mNintendo 64: 2 millionAnimal Crossings: -3.2 millionAnimal Cubes DS: 3MNintendo Gamecube: 2,400Nintendo DS Lite: -4.2millionAnimal Crossing Advance: -6.1 millionNintendo Wii: 2millionAnimal Smash Bros: -11.4millionMario Bros. Superstars DS: 4,000Nintendo DS Advance: 2-6,000Animal Crossing GameCube Advance: 6-15,000Mario Sports 3 DS: 9-12,000Sonic Advance 3: 7-10,000Super Smash Wii: 5-12 millionMario Super Sluggers: 4-12.5millionAnimal Crossers: 1,400mSuper Mario Kart: -1.8millionAnimal Golf: -8,500Nintendo GameBoy Advance: 40000Nintendo DSii: -5.4mAnimal Crossing DS: 2MAnimal Crosser DS: 8-12mNintendo 3DS: 2 MillionAnimal Crossing 3DS Advance: 20-50 millionNintendo 3ds: 30 millionNintendo 2DS: 10 millionAnimal Golf 3DS DS: 7 MillionNintendo DS 2: 5 MillionAnimal Cross DS: 5 millionAnimal Cube DS: 15 MillionNintendo Game Cube: 1 MillionAnimal Soccer 3DS-4 MillionNintendo 3 DS-1 MillionAnimal Mario Advance DS: 500Kotak Life: 1 millionKotaks top 10 most popular games:Super Mario64: 1 Super Mario Game 1,000 Mario Kart DS-10 Super Mario Advance 2 DS-100 Super Mario 3DS Super Smash Brothers Smash Bros.-2 Super Mario Kart Super Smash!!-1 Mario Kart 64 DS-6 Super Mario Tennis 3 DS+1 Super Mario Sunshine DS+2 Mario Kart Wii DS-7 Super Mario RPG DS-2 Mario Party DS-4 Animal Crossing DS-5 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time DS+3 Mario Party 4 DS-8 Donkey Kong Land DS-11 Donkey Kong World DS-12 Donkey Kong’s Lost Levels DS+13 Mario & Yoshi: Super Slugger DS+14 Super Smash Busters DS+15 Super Mario Galaxy DS+16 Animal Crossing 3D DS+17 Mario & Knuckles DS+18 Animal Crossing Wii DS+19 Animal Crossing 2 DS+20 Animal Crossing New Leaf DS+21 Animal Crossing Nintendogs DS+22 Super Mario All-Stars DS+23 Animal Crossing Nintendo DS+24 Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle DS+25 Mario Party 10 DS+26 Animal Crossing™: New Leaf Wii DS$1,000 Super Smash Broads DS$100 Super Smash Tour DS$20 Mario Golf: Wacky World DS$30 Animal Crossing Superstar DS$10 Mario Party 9 DS$40 Mario Kart 7 DS$50 Mario Kart 8 DS$70 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX DS$75 Mario Kart Advance DS+80 Mario Kart Pinball DS+100 Animal Crossing 4 DS+300 Animal Crossing Dreamland DS$200 Animal Crossing Streets of Rage DS$250 Mario Kart 4 DS$300 Super Mario Odyssey DS$400 Animal Crossing Pocket Camp DS$500 Super Smash Monkeys DS$550 Super Smash Land DS$600 Super Smash Starters DS$700 Super Smash Wii U DS$900 Mario Kart Nintendo DS$1000 Animal Crossing Portable DS$2000 Mario Kart Tennis DS$2500 Super Smash Tennis DS+2500 Mario Kart SNES+


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