Why Iran’s student protests will go beyond academic boycotts

The Iran student protests are likely to go beyond the academic boycott of universities and will also be used as a proxy political event.

The demonstrations are likely more about political survival than academic boycotting, said Ali Akbar Velayati, the head of the University of Tehran’s National Council for Students’ Affairs.

“I think it’s a political event, and it will continue to go through the course of the next year.

I think the main thing is to ensure the safety of the students.

There’s no place for violence in the university, and the students have shown a lot of solidarity,” Velayini said.

Students have already started to make their voices heard.

At the university’s new headquarters, a protest march on Monday evening was organized by students.

Many protesters carried banners that read, “Education is not a privilege, it’s our right to demand it.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been pushing a political agenda of reconciliation with the West in an effort to improve relations with the United States.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has long been critical of the United Nations.

The protests have also been a way for the Iranian public to express its frustration with the regime of President Hassan Rohani.

In a statement issued by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Guards warned against any “violent actions” by demonstrators, saying that violence will only create instability.

Velayati said the demonstrations will likely be more about the political survival of the Iranian people, not the academic boycotters.

“I would be very worried if we were to take these events and turn them into a political rally, as that would be completely counterproductive,” Velai said.

“I think people are going to use this as a demonstration, a demonstration of their frustration, but it’s not a demonstration against a specific institution or a specific government.”

Velayini, who is currently on a visit to the United Kingdom, said he believes that many Iranians will be able to come together in the coming days to protest the United Nation’s new sanctions against Iran.

If the protests are successful, Velayi said, the protests could turn into a nationwide political protest.

Last week, the United National Security Council issued a report saying that the U.S. is planning to take the economic impact of the nuclear deal more seriously, including by cutting off funding for international programs that help poor people.


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