Why the ABC is trying to avoid being ‘brainwashed’

ABC News host John Dickerson, who has been a vocal critic of the network, on Thursday suggested that the network’s “brainwashing” is at the heart of the backlash against the network.

“If you want to be brainwashed by your network, I say it is to the detriment of your journalism,” Dickerson said.

He added that ABC News is the “most brainwashed network on the planet,” and argued that ABC viewers are more willing to criticize the network than those who are more liberal.

Dickerson also said that while the media’s focus on President Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election was “mind-blowing,” the network should also focus on its coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

When asked about Trump’s comments about the media during a speech at the Democratic National Convention in July, Dickerson noted that while he did not believe Trump was guilty of any crime, the comments were troubling.

The comments have been viewed more than 50 million times on Facebook, and the network has been criticized by many members of the media and the Democratic Party for its handling of the Trump scandal.

ABC News President of Newsgathering David Muir, who is also a former ABC News executive, issued a statement Thursday afternoon criticizing Dickerson’s comments.

“I was deeply disturbed to hear the words attributed to me by John Dickenson on Wednesday.

They were shocking, offensive and unacceptable.

They reflect deeply-held and deeply-rooted beliefs about the ABC’s mission, and I hope that John will take his comments seriously,” Muir said in a statement.

“As the president of ABC News, I take this very seriously.

We all make mistakes, and we all make missteps.

It is not acceptable to say anything like those things about the president, and it is certainly not acceptable for John to say them about the network.”

Dickerson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN on Thursday.

While the backlash has been swift, Dickenson, who was not invited to the DNC, did not receive the level of coverage he was expecting.

His comments have also come under fire from other prominent journalists, who have called for him to step down.

According to a report by ABC News’ “This Week” on Thursday, Dickinson is not the only member of the press to face backlash for his remarks.

Former ABC News anchor Brian Ross was also critical of the channel in a tweet that also claimed that it is “brainwashed” by “leftist journalists” and has become “a liberal soap opera.”ABC News was not immediately available for comment on Dickerson.


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