Why you should never wear your iPhone in public again

In a new study, researchers from the University of Oxford have found that even when people are wearing their phones outside, they are actually less likely to take pictures.

The research, published in the journal PLoS One, found that photos taken while wearing a smartwatch are only marginally more likely to be taken in public.

“In most people, this is a completely unimportant aspect of their day,” said Professor Robert Haines, one of the researchers.

“It’s one of those things that you want to be able to take away when you’re out, but we’re finding that we don’t really see it.”

In other words, you can be comfortable with having your phone out at home, but it’s still not going to be the best thing to be photographed with.

“If you’re at home and you’re wearing a phone, and you look at it, you’re thinking, I want to take a picture,” Hainys said.

“So if you’re outside and you see that you’re not wearing a smartphone, you might not want to have your phone there.”

This is not just limited to smartphones.

In a previous study, Hainues and his colleagues found that people in the U.K. were less likely than those in France and Germany to take photos outdoors at all, even if they were wearing smartwatches.

And in Australia, those who were wearing the latest generation of smartwalls had a lower likelihood of taking a photo outdoors than those who weren’t.

The study’s limitations were clear: The researchers only looked at photos taken outside of a phone booth, and the researchers only analyzed pictures taken within a smartphone’s camera lens.

So while the study is interesting in its own right, its results should be viewed in the context of the broader trend toward keeping people outside in general.

“There are many, many ways to make a smartphone more attractive, and we have to be careful about that,” Hains said.

Hainese, who is currently a professor at the University and the director of the Center for Computational Social Networks at Oxford, said he hopes that the study’s findings will encourage manufacturers to make smartwars more attractive to people outside.

“People don’t like the idea of having their phone in their hand, and they don’t want to carry it around,” Hakes said.

For now, the researchers suggest that you do the same, but if you have a smart phone and you want your phone to remain secure, then it would be better to leave it out at your desk, not inside of it.


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