Why you’re missing out on a new comet: Is this a new phenomenon?

A new comet called C/2014 Q1 could be the first to be found on the planet in more than 200 years, and scientists think the world has a lot to learn about it.

The newly discovered comet is the first ever discovered orbiting a star that’s larger than our sun, and it is also the first time scientists have found a comet in the early phases of its life.

A group of astronomers has recently published a paper saying the comet could be part of a new category of planets, dubbed “planetary systems,” which include rocky planets orbiting stars that are bigger than our solar system.

C/2015 W1 is the brightest of these planets, but it’s also not the brightest, because it’s orbiting a much more massive star than any other known comet.

This is because the comet has a much larger mass, which means its orbit around its parent star is tilted more toward the star.

Scientists estimate that C/C-W1 is about 1,000 times larger than Jupiter.

It’s currently in its late stages of its orbit, which is roughly 2.5 years longer than it should be, according to the researchers.

The comet will be visible to the naked eye in the spring of 2019, and will be bright enough for most of us to see.

However, there’s still a lot we don’t know about it, and its discovery could lead to new discoveries about the nature of planets in the solar system that orbit stars smaller than our own.

In fact, the discovery could help scientists figure out how planets form, or the evolution of stars.

The team that published the paper called the discovery of C/2013 N1, “a milestone in our understanding of the evolution and origin of planets.”

The comet is known as “C/2014 W1,” because it was discovered at the same time as the comet was, and was first named in honor of the American astronomer and mathematician W.A. Carl Sagan.

This may not be the best name for a comet, but this comet has already made it on to the list of planets to be named after.

According to the NASA website, this comet is “the brightest of the C/ 2014 N1 system” and is about 2.3 times brighter than the Sun.

C-W2, on the other hand, is the third brightest.

The authors of the new paper say that the light coming from the new comet will likely be the only light that comes from the comet itself.

If we are lucky, the comet will get the sun’s light, so we will see it from our planet.

But we’ll never get to see it directly, because the sun will not be up to the task.

Cern, the European Space Agency’s telescope, will also be able to see the comet, as well as other planets in our solar neighborhood.

The scientists have estimated that the comet is probably about 2,000 to 3,000 miles (3,400 to 5,400 kilometers) wide.

Its orbit is tilted toward the sun, meaning it orbits in the direction of the stars.

CERN’s Planck telescope is the second of its kind in Europe, and Cern is one of the telescopes most sensitive to changes in the orbit of its parent planet, Jupiter.

This means that Cern has a better chance of seeing new planets as they form in our galaxy than it does planets in their early stages of life.

The Cern observatory has recently begun to search for the new planet, but astronomers are hoping for more than just the detection of the comet.

They’re also hoping for a meteor shower, a rare occurrence when an asteroid enters the solar neighborhood and makes a meteor impact.

Scientists are also hoping that the new body will be able help astronomers to determine how our solar systems formed, and how it fits into our understanding about how planets formed.

If Cern can find evidence of the first meteor shower this year, it will be the largest meteor shower of its type in the history of astronomy.

That means it will provide astronomers with a window into how planets, like the sun and the moon, formed, so they can better understand the nature and evolution of the solar planets and how planets evolve with time.

Image credit: NASA


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