Woodstock is back, but it’s not for the people

Woodstock 2013: The year in pictures article With the countdown to the biggest festival in America set to begin, it seems fitting to look back at the year of the “mosh pit” to see how it came to be. 

In January, the festival was created by Bob Weir and the Grateful Dead in 1978, a year when the music industry was struggling to make its mark on the world.

It’s a festival that has been seen as a showcase for emerging musicians and bands, and it has become one of the biggest festivals of its kind.

The Grateful Dead had been performing at Woodstock for more than 40 years when the festival opened its doors in 1976, and its original lineup included John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and others.

The festival has been going strong ever since.

Its biggest headline acts of the year include Phish, Pearl Jam, Guns N’ Roses, The Beach Boys, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and The Who.

The year has also seen an explosion of indie rock and progressive rock, including The Chainsmokers, Miley Cyrus, the Killers, and Bon Iver.

The year has been an incredible year for music fans and artists, but there’s one genre that has not been represented in such a big way: hip-hop. 

On January 11, 2013, The Roots announced that they were moving to Woodstock to perform at the festival, which would mark their return to the festival following their two-year hiatus.

In November, the group released their first album, My Morning Jacket. 

A few months later, a slew of hip-hos started hitting the road, and the following month, their first official album, Black Skinhead, was released.

Hip-hop had been the most dominant genre of music in the United States by 1978, but many thought it would never catch on, especially in a country that has a rich history of underground music. 

By the time the Roots and Phish were playing, hip-ho was already an established genre. 

It would be three years before hip-Hop had its moment, and only when it finally did did was it embraced by the mainstream. 

From a pure hip-hip perspective, it was a bit surprising, because the Roots were a very diverse group, from rappers to pop stars to rappers, and so the whole hip-Hos music was already a huge deal.

In the fall of ’78, Phish took the stage at the legendary Woodstock festival to a standing ovation. 

“They were like, ‘Whoa, whoa, you guys, Phis, you are so cool. 

‘ ‘And I’m the coolest guy in the room.'” 

But the Roots had been a part of hip hop music for a while, and that was when they took on the biggest role in the music world. 

When the Roots played their first show at Woodfest in 1977, they were considered to be one of those rare acts that would change the game. 

They were one of only three acts that performed live in all four major cities in the country that year. 

The Roots played two sets and were a huge success, and in October, Phishes would debut on MTV’s The Breakfast Club. 

Phish’s popularity didn’t stop there.

They played three more shows, with their first set topping 100,000 people in the US and Europe, and by the time they went on to perform three more times at Woodland, the Roots would have a record-breaking 12 million fans in attendance.

Phish had become a force in the hip-hops world.

The Roots continued to perform and sell out concerts, and Phishes success would not stop there either.

In March, Phisha played a show at The Fillmore in Oakland, California, which drew 1.8 million people.

The following month they headlined their own concert in New York, and then on April 1, the band played their own show at Madison Square Garden in New Jersey, which sold out in record time.

On April 10, Phishy played the biggest show of their career, the Madison Square, at Madison Theatre, and after that the group would play the longest-running rock show in rock history, with a concert at the Madison Theater, which saw a record 6.3 million people fill the venue.

In April 1979, Phills biggest show would come to an end, with the band announcing that they would be retiring from music.

They would then announce the formation of a new group, the Phish Trio, and their return would be complete.

Phishy was the first act to make a comeback after their hiatus, and they had to deal with some fans who thought they were too young to be performing at the world’s largest music festival. 

As the years passed, Phishing continued to grow in popularity.

The band released a number of albums, and played shows at stadiums all over the country. But by


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